Handyman Services by Josh Castleberry

 Hi, I'm Josh, a recovered drug and alcohol addict. Everyday, I do my best to honor the Lord and treat people right in the work that I do. Below are some pictures of jobs I've completed. 

If you need work done, call me at 937-979-0413 or send me an email at castleberryjosh7@gmail.com, and I'll give you a free estimate on your project. 


Completely remodeled living and dining room in New Carlisle 
(flooring, walls, ceiling, lights, wiring, pillars, window...)


 Resurfacing a boat dock overlooking a pond in New Jasper Township

New deck and overhang roof for a fifth wheel trailer in Xenia

New flooring installation for a house


Tree-Surround deck

New bathroom flooring for a house in Medway


Replacing the carpet with new flooring in Springfield


Apartment renewal in New Carlisle